Custom application for a recruitment agency - Poland


Pflege24 is a company which recruits care workers in Poland. They offer care assistance for the elderly, sick, and disabled people.





The client wanted to:


  • Gather a specific list of information about care workers

  1. Access all information easily and intuitively

  2. Generate 11 kinds of documents with one click

  3. Generate care workers profiles in German with one click

  4. Export all relevant information about care workers to a CSV file




  1. Care workers profiles contain more than 100 information. Moreover, there are a few tables with experience, references, and education|

  2. Care workers profiles are divided into sections. Headlines inform which kind of information is where. By making them clickable we ensure Users that just one click can make them obtain any information about each care worker

  3. Users have the option to generate 11 different documents with one click. Documents look exactly like drafts we received during consultations

  4. Users have the option to generate a profile of care worker with one click and download it in german as a PDF file. The application downloads all the information from a database, which decreases the number of routine, manual work - taping the information into documents

  5. Set of information which Pflege24 chose has the option of being saved as CSV file