Custom web application for a language school - Nowy Sącz, Poland






  1. The school has branches in several locations and needs to access all information online
  2. Arranging schedules at the beginning of the new school year was difficult in terms of groups and available rooms
  3. Calculating teachers' salaries was time-consuming due to students attendance and sick covers
  4. It was hard to determine the number of lessons during the school year which cost a lot of manual work from teachers
  5. It was difficult to handle individual groups with unique payment conditions
  6. Users had no access to transparent financial statistics


  1. The user can switch required data among different branches
  2. We have built a calendar where the user can edit groups, rooms and hours using the Drag&Drop method. All gaps are visible
  3. The system automatically calculates the teachers' gross salaries each month
  4. The application automatically presents a chosen set of information about each group
  5. The system offers a lot of parameters for creating individual groups as well as unusual payment conditions
  6. The software shows financial statistics in any given period