Web application for a distribution company - CRM/ERP/BI/SCM - Otwock, Poland















  1.  No tools for employees to work remotely.
  2.  Lack of one unified system for business data management.
  3.  Difficult exchange of information between the office and the traveling employees.
  4.  Several different warehouses for various types of products.
  5.  Lack of a unified system for managing the products sent to customers.
  6.  Updating price lists by the suppliers resulted in a time-consuming process of identifying changes. Lack of one source of up-to-date prices increased the risk of employees having different price information.
  7.  Entries into the store from a new delivery required a day's work of the stockman as they had to manually enter the catalog and serial numbers of the products.
  8.  Issues with the execution of the guarantee based on the purchase invoice that lacked the serial number of the product. There was a risk that customers sent items bought from a different vendor.
  9.  Lack of a unified way to archive the Goods-Out Notes and Internal Goods Movement Notes.
  10.  Lack of a contractor database with branch-division.
  11.  As the warehouse documents were written manually, the information exchange between the employees was conveyed by word of mouth.
  12.  A time-consuming process of introducing changes to the warehouse documents.
  13. Orders for the contractors were issued manually.
  14.  Any accounting documents for the company or for the customers had to be prepared manually.
  15.  No easy access to up-to-date information regarding the company's expenses.
  16.  A time-consuming process of calculating the charges for each customer.
  17.  Lack of control over whether the software used in the company is legal and lack of knowledge about the licenses that were purchased.
  18.  An incoherent system for accepting service requests from customers.
  19.  Lack of a reporting system showing information regarding particular employees and the tasks they performed.
  20.  Difficulty in defining the time required for particular tasks that are performed on a daily basis.
  21.  Lack of tools to remotely coordinate tasks performed by the employees.




  1.  We have implemented an application that can be accessed from any device which increases employees' mobility.
  2.  All the relevant information is stored in the system and organized.
  3.  The system allows easy communication between in-house and remote workers.
  4.  The software offers a coherent WMS module that holds information about all the products and offers easy search tools with multiple filters.
  5.  There is one standardized way of sending goods to customers.
  6.  The price lists can now be uploaded to the system to update all the prices quickly.
  7.  The software was integrated with a system for scanning barcodes, which made the process of entering new products much quicker, the average time required for this activity now being 15 minutes.
  8.  Business records include the serial numbers of the products that were issued to customers.
  9.  The WMS records all the instances of products being moved from the warehouse.
  10.  The contractors module allows easy management of relations with customer and suppliers with the option to assign them to chosen branches and to specify the contact persons.
  11.  The system for generating warehouse documents has all the relevant information. The documents can be edited up until the moment when the status of the document has been changed from "Draft" to "Sent". The system allows the users to preview the "Draft" files in PDF. Those previews would have the word "Draft" in the background.
  12.  It is possible to duplicate offers with use of the application, which allows introducing quick modifications and generating several invoices from one document.
  13.  The system automatically generates orders to restock the inventory. This function is based on the minimum level of a product in stock that can be set and always edited by the users.
  14.  Obtaining reports from the system takes only 15 seconds.
  15.  It is possible to obtain up-to-date reports on company's expenses.
  16.  Integration between the software and the bank ensures the users can quickly update payments and assign them to the corresponding contractors.
  17.  The system stores all the information regarding the software used in the company and allows the users to upload any relevant licenses.
  18.  The customer interface allows the customers to log in and view the products they purchased, get quotes, or raise a fault with a product.
  19.  Owing to the reporting system, the employees are obliged to update the information about the performed tasks. Additionally, the managers can see, among other things, how many operations in the application were carried out by each of the employees, when, and what device was used to access the application.
  20.  The managers can access information regarding the time required to perform particular tasks.
  21.  The system has streamlined the internal communication within the company.