Bespoke Manufacturing Execution System with extra modules of WMS and APS - Wroclaw, Poland














  1.  Lack of a unified online system for managing orders, deliveries, production, and loading.
  2.  The warehouse was managed by several people using multiple spreadsheets, which caused difficulties in finding required information.
  3.  Lack of defined and easy ways to control the production progress and difficulties in verification of work progress.
  4.  Lack of online database showing up-to-date information regarding the manufacturing process and its particular stages, product types, labor costs, materials, additional expenses.
  5.  Difficulties in controlling the actual working time.
  6.  Lack of reports on the cost of filling an order (including the extra material and labor costs).
  7.  A Time-consuming process of applying changes to the board representing the production floor.




  1.  Our dedicated software gives clear information as to the types of products/materials that need to be purchased and the amount of those, the scheduled deliveries or when the ready products are going to be transported to the target place.
  2.  The MES was designed in such a way that it provides accurate information regarding the number of certain products in stock, on the production floor, as well as the number of elements already assembled into the developed products. The materials are assigned to particular orders/stages, which allows quick access to any data.
  3.  By clicking the Home Page in the application, the user gets all the most important information regarding the stage of the production of certain products on one screen.
  4.  The custom software shows a neatly gathered set of information regarding each order. The data can be filtered by chosen type of product or just show one particular product detailing the labor and time costs as well as basic and additional materials.
  5.  The bespoke MES provides graphs showing the instances of employees entering and leaving the company and monitors the time when the application was used.
  6.  The system allows the users to get very detailed information regarding the cost of fulfilling particular orders.
  7.  The production floor is illustrated within the application representing the position of particular products. This enables the employees to check which orders are currently being worked on, at which stage is the realization, and where are the products on the production floor physically located.