CRM/MES software for a printing house

We have built a piece of software merging a CRM and an MES. Our client is a printing house offering photo books created from pictures sent by its customers. The printing house was after a solution that would streamline the process of creating the books and help gather data so the orders can be filled easier and faster. That's why we suggested software that had functions of a CRM system (Customer Relation Management) as well as those of an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to help with planning and controlling the processes.



·     It was too time-consuming to edit each photo manually

·     Mistakes made due to repeatedly executed actions increased the overall cost of printing

·     Some of the recurring tasks required automation

·     The cost of the license for software to be installed on each computer in the office was too high

·     The employees were limited as to where they could work and there was no option to have home workers

·     The data could not be accessed on mobile devices

·     The customer profiles were not gathered in one system

·     Each order meant sending files for printing

·     There was no coherent way of taking orders from customers

·     It took too much time from taking an order to the project completion

·     Data was spread among different places which made it difficult to find the required pieces

·     Customers were unable to preview their photo books online which meant a draft had to be sent through an email

·     This caused delays in approval of the project by a customer

·     The processes were not run efficiently which meant a lot of time was wasted


Solutions and benefits

·     We have created one cohesive system which allows the client to gather all key data in one place

·     The orders are filled faster

·     We have streamlined the communication between our client and their customers

·     We have increased the efficiency of the processes taking place in the company

·     The web software allows the users to work remotely

·     All data can be accessed from any chosen device

·     The process of creating photo books has been optimized

·     The software can be developed further if new modules are required

·     We integrated the system with external email software

·     The customer experience has been improved

·     Customers can upload their photos to the web application and preview their photo book projects

·     The company can communicate with the customers through the software which is quick and efficient

·     Customers can add comments to the project

·     Backup copies of data and projects are created as you go

·     It is easy to find any piece of information within the system

·     It is possible to copy albums and edit only chosen elements

·     The number of systems required by the company was decreased