Custom application for care workers recruiters from Poland to Germany

Avoria is a job agency specializing in a care working industry. They provide the best service and a broad understanding of caring for the elderly, disabled and sick people.


The client wanted to:

  • Gather an enormous amount of information about candidates

  1. Filter candidates profiles by the number of conditions

  2. Access all the information online

  3. Filter the database for candidates in the chosen range of years

  4. Generate all sets of documents, ready to be signed

  5. Generate care workers profiles looking exactly like they do in the application

  6. Easily access a range of data for the Human Resources Department



  1. Candidates profiles contain all the necessary information. The web application has access to 14 different filters, provided by the client

  2. The tool is easily accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers. The application works on Windows, Linux and IOS

  3. The application generates a set of documents combined in one PDF file. It is ready to print and sign

  4. The tool generates a candidate profile with one click. The PDF file contains: candidates' photo, personal information, detailed description of the working experience, a list of references, details about education path. It looks the same as the draft provided by our client

  5. The additional module allows filtering and exporting all relevant data