SaaS web application - CRM/ERP system - Krakow, Poland





We have designed and developed a web application in accordance with the SaaS model, introducing several control panels. The system consists of the following modules: customers, suppliers, calendar, processes, sales leads, invoices, warehouse, documents, email, tasks, and others.



1. Our client required a control panel for SaaS service managers. The application was to help gather a lot of data concerning, among others, payments, account expiry dates, the management of access, the number of logins, the account activation, etc.

2. As the system was to be used by hundreds of users, it was important to focus on scalability.

3. The contractors module was slightly problematic as the product is targeted at different businesses, hence it was impossible to impose one way of entering data.

4. Sales leads are different in every company, hence the sales leads module had to be flexible.

5. Our client expected the invoicing module to be intuitive and the process itself automated.

6. Issuing documents should take no longer than 1 minute.



1. We have created an additional control panel for the customer account management. The application helps find the accounts easily using chosen criteria, owing to a clear organization of data. The system stores all the required information.

2. Each database query was modified several times to minimize the amount of data downloaded from the server. For Kamflex, this amount can even be lower than 5 KB.

3. We have developed the contractors module, adding parameters and components that facilitate data management. These are text, checkbox, date, calendar, and file.

4. Users of the system can personally manage the sales processes in their company. The processes can be extended by any stages and parameters. They allow complete control over the processes and unlimited opportunities.

5. Invoice template looks like the target document, which facilitates the process of issuance.

6. The document management module allows easy management of document types and preparing templates. With the use of templates and defined variables, users can create documents and download them as PDF files.