Software for a manufacturing and trading company - CRM/ERP/MES/APS - Poland














  1. Lack of a unified system that would include company's relevant data.
  2. Many employees worked using files which could not be accessed by other workers. This resulted in situations when different employees worked with different files and this was to be standardized.
  3. Lack of an effective system for delegating tasks to particular team members. Difficulties in allocating responsibilities to members of small teams.
  4. Lack of precise information regarding the time required to perform each task.
  5.  Each project entailed the need to perform several separate tasks that were related to each other. To complete a new order, it was often necessary to look into the files related to previous orders and the access to those was limited.
  6. There was a need to share large files on technical projects. 
  7. Lack of a unified system to provide B2B & B2C customer service.
  8. Lack of one computer that would store all up-to-date files on orders.
  9. Difficulties in managing orders with multiple stages to be performed by many employees using various materials.
  10. Lack of a Warehouse Management System.




  1. We have implemented a coherent system that stores all the relevant information and can be accessed from any device. It is easy to add new employee accounts and grant them certain levels of authorization.
  2. Our system stores all up-to-date files in one place. Those can be downloaded to any device and uploaded back to the application once edited.
  3. The orders can be divided into any number of stages. The client can assign a leader to each order/stage and grant them a higher level of authorization. It is possible to add chosen employees to particular stages.
  4. Employees record all the tasks they have performed marking the time they required for each. They can also add notes to each entry. Easy and quick access to data regarding employee efficiency allows more precise task scheduling.
  5. All orders have their unique number and a letter informing what type each one is. The application allows users to create new orders or develop an existing order into a bigger project. This ensures easy access to bigger projects that are divided into orders/stages/tasks.
  6. Users can upload very large files directly onto the server and put them into corresponding files which are made when the order is created. In the Administrator Panel, it is possible to set up file groups that correspond to particular types of orders.
  7. We have implemented a cohesive system for B2B & B2C customer relationship management.
  8. We provided easy and quick access to updated files during the whole process of fulfilling an order.
  9. The application allows division of an order into any number of stages and adding employees to those. The employees can add a detailed description of the performed tasks, used materials and consumables.
  10. The WMS module of the application provides fast tools for searching products, stock levels, delivery history, and orders.