Web application for a manufacturer - furniture industry - WMS - Katowice/Częstochowa, Poland
















1. Difficulties in finding products at the warehouse. The products could be distinguished using 7 parameters.

2. Entering manufactured products was time-consuming.

3. There was no coherent way of marking parcels.

4. Running several warehouses caused difficulties in finding certain products.

5. Our client wanted to be able to check stock levels when outside of the company.



1. Easy management of storage with the option to add and delete parcels. The employees can find parcels filtering them by multiple parameters.

2. Adding new parcels to GRN files is much quicker.

3. The system generates labels for the parcels with the key information and a QR code.

4. Clear and easy rules of moving products between warehouses.

5. The application can be used by many people at the same time. All the users can access accurate up-to-date information regarding stock levels.