Web application for a trading company selling cosmetics - CRM/ERP/MES - Gdansk, Poland












  1.  Lack of control over the stock levels in multiple warehouses.
  2.  Difficulties in checking the stock levels if the sales reps are traveling to their customers.
  3.  The sales reps had to update information on spreadsheets when they were back in the office.
  4.  The schedule of travels was scattered among a few places and it was not easy to update it.




  1.  It is possible to control the number of warehouses. The client can search particular products to check the stock levels as shown in every warehouse.
  2.  The web application provides access to up-to-date information from any place as it is available on mobile devices.
  3.  The sales reps can work without disruption on their tablets without functional limitations.
  4.  All the tasks and travels are recorded in the Calendar. This can be accessed by all the employees.