Web application for course management - CRM/ERP/BI - Geneva, Switzerland













1. Our client wanted to have all data concerning course participants, groups, schedule, and teachers' availability in one place.

2. Our client had to enter customer details manually into excel files.

3. Sending basic information to customers had to be done manually.

4. It was not possible for the teachers to check the progress made by the children.

5. Arranging schedules was problematic for the teachers.



1. The system has tables showing all the lessons, customers, groups, teachers, and calendar with the option to filter and sort data by chosen parameters.

2. The software provides an online form for the customers to sign up for the courses.

3. When a customer signs up, the system automatically sends an email containing relevant information.

4. Teachers can log in to the application and view attendance, course history, and signups for the upcoming courses.

5. The calendar allows the user to view the schedule of one or many teachers at the same time.