E-commerce Development Services

E-commerce Development Services

It seems unquestionable that the 21st-century sales cannot function without e-commerce. The shift towards online shopping is unstoppable and e-commerce is no longer an additional way to attract your customers - it is one of the requirements for success. Valued by customers for its availability, convenience, and lower prices, e-commerce is ruling any market.


Did you think how you can increase your sales
by investing in a tailor-made online store?


Build vs. Buy


If you have used one of the universal online shop platforms available on the market, you probably came to a conclusion that universal cannot be perfect. If something is made for everybody, it cannot be made especially for you, which means it would probably lack some functions that you require on a daily basis, and have some that are of no use for you.


Did you know that your revenue
could be higher by several dozen %
if you invest in a well-built e-commerce site?


Comprehensive e-commerce solutions from Krakow based software house


Our company is characterized by significant experience: we have completed more than 100 projects. We know how to adapt the features of your product selling portal to fit both your requirements and the expectations of your customers. Using most innovative technologies, we can provide you with a tool that requires minimum time to be managed, and which is optimized for search engines. It can also be integrated with any external systems you use.

These are only a few features of a system that you can have. Building your online shop from the scratch, we are able to implement any kind of tool which aims at solving the issues you face as you run your business.


A solution well-tailored to your business processes
will increase your sales
and turn your buyers into permanent customers.


How can e-commerce improve your sales?


Selling products with e-commerce

To help you streamline the sales processes, our tools can:

- facilitate the management of orders, deliveries, returns, customer complaints and after-sale service;
- ensure automation of sending alerts and auto-responses via email and SMS;
- help you export and import data to the file format of your choice;
- provide a functional search engine with a wide choice of parameters;
- support multiple currencies;


Marketing with e-commerce

You can improve your marketing strategies with:

- cohesive system for managing promotions, discounts, promotional codes, loyalty programs, etc.;
- newsletters and news alerts sent via email and SMS;
- effective integration with social media;
- analysis of reports and statistics;
- integration with advertising portals.


Inventory management with e-commerce

Manage your inventory more conveniently with:

- export and import of data to different format files;
- easier analysis of data for reports and stock-taking;
- multiple warehouses and possibility of working with chosen groups of products;
- full integration between your site and external finance and accounting software;
- full integration between your site and transport companies and easier management of the collection of goods;
- automatically generated labels and following letters, printouts for courier;
- easier contact with suppliers.

Customer interface

Provide best customer experience introducing:

- easy, intuitive customer interface;
- responsive web design;
- accessible customer care: e. g. online chat.





Web & Mobile Development

We can build your e-commerce site from the ground up, creating an optimal solution for you and your customers. We pay great attention to the best user experience. Thanks to the use of RWD approach, we provide responsive web design to make sure your customers can find the products they want easier. Optimization for different screen sizes means better access, enhanced customer support, and improved sales.


Integration between e-commerce and external systems


We understand you need to use several different systems to run your business. Wouldn't it be more convenient to have all those in one place? We can integrate your online shop with any systems you use, e. g. transport companies, accounting/finance software or WMS.

Or maybe you'd prefer to build your own ERP system to control all the processes in your company? Get to know more about this complex solution for business.


E-commerce our way


Are you not happy with your current solution? If you want an online store which effectively promotes and sells your product and an optimized administration process carefully adjusted to your requirements, you came to the right place.


We are characterized by:

- significant experience: more than 100 completed projects,

- deep understanding of our clients' needs,

- friendly approach,

- professional service,

- fast and comprehensive realization of projects.



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